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ttk::SurfaceGeometrySmoother::ProjectionResult Struct Reference

Stores the findProjection() result. More...

#include <SurfaceGeometrySmoother.h>

Public Attributes

Point pt
SimplexId nearestVertex
size_t trianglesChecked
bool projSuccess
bool reverseProjection

Detailed Description

Stores the findProjection() result.

Definition at line 114 of file SurfaceGeometrySmoother.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ nearestVertex

SimplexId ttk::SurfaceGeometrySmoother::ProjectionResult::nearestVertex

Nearest vertex id in the surface

Definition at line 118 of file SurfaceGeometrySmoother.h.

◆ projSuccess

bool ttk::SurfaceGeometrySmoother::ProjectionResult::projSuccess

Projection status

Definition at line 122 of file SurfaceGeometrySmoother.h.

◆ pt

Point ttk::SurfaceGeometrySmoother::ProjectionResult::pt

Projection coordinates

Definition at line 116 of file SurfaceGeometrySmoother.h.

◆ reverseProjection

bool ttk::SurfaceGeometrySmoother::ProjectionResult::reverseProjection

If reverse projection was used

Definition at line 124 of file SurfaceGeometrySmoother.h.

◆ trianglesChecked

size_t ttk::SurfaceGeometrySmoother::ProjectionResult::trianglesChecked

Number of triangles processed

Definition at line 120 of file SurfaceGeometrySmoother.h.

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