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ttk::cta::AlignmentTree Struct Reference

Basic tree data structure for an alignment of two rooted binary trees. More...

#include <ContourTreeAlignment.h>

Public Attributes

std::shared_ptr< ttk::cta::AlignmentTreechild1
std::shared_ptr< ttk::cta::AlignmentTreechild2
std::shared_ptr< ttk::cta::BinaryTreenode1
std::shared_ptr< ttk::cta::BinaryTreenode2
int size
int height

Detailed Description

Basic tree data structure for an alignment of two rooted binary trees.

This structure represents nodes of a rooted alignment tree.

It stores the following meta information for the tree structure:

It stores the following alignment node properties:

See also

Definition at line 74 of file ContourTreeAlignment.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ child1

std::shared_ptr<ttk::cta::AlignmentTree> ttk::cta::AlignmentTree::child1

Definition at line 75 of file ContourTreeAlignment.h.

◆ child2

std::shared_ptr<ttk::cta::AlignmentTree> ttk::cta::AlignmentTree::child2

Definition at line 76 of file ContourTreeAlignment.h.

◆ height

int ttk::cta::AlignmentTree::height

Definition at line 80 of file ContourTreeAlignment.h.

◆ node1

std::shared_ptr<ttk::cta::BinaryTree> ttk::cta::AlignmentTree::node1

Definition at line 77 of file ContourTreeAlignment.h.

◆ node2

std::shared_ptr<ttk::cta::BinaryTree> ttk::cta::AlignmentTree::node2

Definition at line 78 of file ContourTreeAlignment.h.

◆ size

int ttk::cta::AlignmentTree::size

Definition at line 79 of file ContourTreeAlignment.h.

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