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ttk::cta::CTEdge Struct Reference

Basic data structure for an edge of an unrooted contour tree. More...

#include <CTA_contourtree.h>

Public Attributes

int node1Idx
int node2Idx
float scalardistance
float area
std::vector< int > region
float volume
int segId

Detailed Description

Basic data structure for an edge of an unrooted contour tree.

This structure represents edges of an unrooted contour tree.

It stores the following edge properties:

It stores the following information for the tree structure:

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Definition at line 166 of file CTA_contourtree.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ area

float ttk::cta::CTEdge::area

Definition at line 171 of file CTA_contourtree.h.

◆ node1Idx

int ttk::cta::CTEdge::node1Idx

Definition at line 168 of file CTA_contourtree.h.

◆ node2Idx

int ttk::cta::CTEdge::node2Idx

Definition at line 169 of file CTA_contourtree.h.

◆ region

std::vector<int> ttk::cta::CTEdge::region

Definition at line 172 of file CTA_contourtree.h.

◆ scalardistance

float ttk::cta::CTEdge::scalardistance

Definition at line 170 of file CTA_contourtree.h.

◆ segId

int ttk::cta::CTEdge::segId

Definition at line 174 of file CTA_contourtree.h.

◆ volume

float ttk::cta::CTEdge::volume

Definition at line 173 of file CTA_contourtree.h.

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