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ttk::ftm::TreeData Struct Reference

#include <FTMTree_MT.h>

Public Attributes

TreeType treeType
std::shared_ptr< FTMAtomicVector< SuperArc > > superArcs
std::shared_ptr< FTMAtomicVector< Node > > nodes
std::shared_ptr< FTMAtomicVector< idNode > > roots
std::vector< idNodeleaves
std::vector< idCorrespvert2tree
std::vector< SimplexIdvisitOrder
std::vector< std::list< std::vector< SimplexId > > > trunkSegments
std::vector< AtomicUFstorage
std::vector< UFufs
std::vector< UFpropagation
std::shared_ptr< FTMAtomicVector< CurrentState > > states
std::vector< valencevalences
std::vector< char > openedNodes
idNode activeTasks
Segments segments_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 42 of file FTMTree_MT.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ activeTasks

idNode ttk::ftm::TreeData::activeTasks

Definition at line 67 of file FTMTree_MT.h.

◆ leaves

std::vector<idNode> ttk::ftm::TreeData::leaves

Definition at line 49 of file FTMTree_MT.h.

◆ nodes

std::shared_ptr<FTMAtomicVector<Node> > ttk::ftm::TreeData::nodes

Definition at line 47 of file FTMTree_MT.h.

◆ openedNodes

std::vector<char> ttk::ftm::TreeData::openedNodes

Definition at line 64 of file FTMTree_MT.h.

◆ propagation

std::vector<UF> ttk::ftm::TreeData::propagation

Definition at line 59 of file FTMTree_MT.h.

◆ roots

std::shared_ptr<FTMAtomicVector<idNode> > ttk::ftm::TreeData::roots

Definition at line 48 of file FTMTree_MT.h.

◆ segments_

Segments ttk::ftm::TreeData::segments_

Definition at line 71 of file FTMTree_MT.h.

◆ states

std::shared_ptr<FTMAtomicVector<CurrentState> > ttk::ftm::TreeData::states

Definition at line 60 of file FTMTree_MT.h.

◆ storage

std::vector<AtomicUF> ttk::ftm::TreeData::storage

Definition at line 57 of file FTMTree_MT.h.

◆ superArcs

std::shared_ptr<FTMAtomicVector<SuperArc> > ttk::ftm::TreeData::superArcs

Definition at line 46 of file FTMTree_MT.h.

◆ treeType

TreeType ttk::ftm::TreeData::treeType

Definition at line 43 of file FTMTree_MT.h.

◆ trunkSegments

std::vector<std::list<std::vector<SimplexId> > > ttk::ftm::TreeData::trunkSegments

Definition at line 54 of file FTMTree_MT.h.

◆ ufs

std::vector<UF> ttk::ftm::TreeData::ufs

Definition at line 58 of file FTMTree_MT.h.

◆ valences

std::vector<valence> ttk::ftm::TreeData::valences

Definition at line 62 of file FTMTree_MT.h.

◆ vert2tree

std::vector<idCorresp> ttk::ftm::TreeData::vert2tree

Definition at line 52 of file FTMTree_MT.h.

◆ visitOrder

std::vector<SimplexId> ttk::ftm::TreeData::visitOrder

Definition at line 53 of file FTMTree_MT.h.

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