Topology ToolKit

TTK is supported under Linux (default development platform), Windows and MacOS.
TTK can be installed from source or from pre-built binary packages.


 ·  After 7 years of development, TTK is now officially integrated in ParaView! [Oct. 16, 2021]

For a fast and easy installation of TTK, checkout ParaView's download page. Once ParaView is installed, go to the menu Tools, then Manage Plugins..., select the entry TopologyToolKit and press the button Load Selected. To automatically load TTK upon ParaView's startup, check the box Auto Load in the TopologyToolKit entry.

For the latest, fully-featured version of TTK, please see the instructions for your specific operating system below.

 ·  Linux:
   ·  From sources;
   ·  Binary packages (Ubuntu 22.04);
   ·  Binary packages (Ubuntu 20.04);
   ·  Binary packages (Ubuntu 18.04);

 ·  FreeBSD:
   ·  pkg install ttk

 ·  Windows:
   ·  From sources;
   ·  Binary packages;

 ·  MacOS:
   ·  From sources;
   ·  Binary packages (experimental, Monterey, x86 CPUs);

 ·  Anaconda package:
   · With ParaView support:
       ·  conda create -n ttk -c conda-forge topologytoolkit
   · With VTK-only support:
       ·  conda create -n ttk -c conda-forge "topologytoolkit * no_paraview*"

 ·  Docker image:
   ·  Installation instructions;