Topology ToolKit

TTK is supported under Linux (default development platform), Windows and MacOS.
TTK can be installed from source or from pre-built binary packages.

Please see the instructions for your specific operating system below.

 ·  Linux:
   ·  From sources;
   ·  Binary packages (Ubuntu 20.04);
   ·  Binary packages (Ubuntu 18.04);

 ·  Windows:
   ·  From sources;
   ·  Binary packages;

 ·  MacOS:
   ·  From sources;
   ·  Binary packages (experimental);

 ·  Anaconda package:
   · With ParaView support:
       ·  conda create -n ttk -c conda-forge topologytoolkit
   · With VTK-only support:
       ·  conda create -n ttk -c conda-forge "topologytoolkit * no_paraview*"

 ·  Docker image:
   ·  Installation instructions;

 ·  VirtualBox image (pre-installed Linux system, password: ttk):
   ·  Image file;