Topology ToolKit


Online documentation:
 · TTK Examples documentation
 · Feature overview - Bibtex entry
 · TTK's user forum.
 · Citing TTK
 · Doxygen developer documentation
 · TTK Technical report - Presentation at IEEE VIS 2017 (video) - Bibtex entry
 · TTK-MPI Technical report - Bibtex entry

Code examples:
 ·  Python example
 ·  VTK/C++ example
 ·  C++ only example

Usage documentation and online tutorials:
 · Overview video webinar on the Applied Algebraic Topology Network YouTube channel.
 · ParaView/Python online tutorial
 · Tutorials at IEEE VIS (slides and videos)
 · Python Video tutorial
 · C++ Video tutorial
 · C++ only Video tutorial
 · Using TTK in-situ with Catalyst: Online tutorial - Video tutorial

Contributor documentation:
 · Extending TTK with a new module: Online tutorial (computation of Betti numbers) - Video tutorial
 · Guidelines for creating a new module (TTK developer wiki)
 · Contributing instructions

Extra useful links regarding third-party components can be found there:
 · VTK developer documentation
 · ParaView plugin HowTo
 · ParaView server plugin extra hints

Third-party projects using TTK

 ·  cricket-topology - Topological analysis of cricket players' positional data, by Adhitya Kamakshidasan.

 ·  inviwo - Free configurable visualizations for scientific data (TTK modules), by the Inviwo team.

 ·  ParaView - Multi-platform data analysis and visualization application, by Kitware Inc..

 ·  topo-vol - Topology-driven transfer function design for volume rendering, by Will Usher and Qi Wu.